Ranstead Reconnaissance Logo

Animated logo with sick effects



Gargee Shiraz

Branding and wine bottle design for a fictional Australian wine company, Gargee.  

Nord Anglia Education

Powerpoint slide design

Logo Concepts

Logo concepts for an accountancy firm.

Nord Anglia Education

Certificate Design

Recruiter On Demand 

Initial logo designs for a recruitment agency

Newquay Paints

A brief dip into packaging design for a fictional company, Newquay.  

The Atomic Institute

Branding for a nuclear waste repository archiving and monitoring organisation, The Atomic Institute. This was an organisation dedicated to the preservation and monitoring of nuclear waste, storage sites, designed to keep the sites in the public’s knowledge to prevent accidental disturbance of the site.

This project included branded stationery, paper, business cards, data storage devices, and a mailer. I created archiving documents and a branded archive to show the branding in action. Alongside this, I used 3D programs to create a branded monitoring drone, designed to monitor nuclear waste sites globally.

I also worked with an architectural student to create an example building for the institute.

This was a segment from my final year university project.

About me

I am a nice boy, always looking to learn and develop.

Shortlisted ARTSTHREAD & i-D magazine Global Design Graduate Show 2020.

Ba(Hons.) Graphic Design.

I once won a smoothie making competition when I was 12.

Earned the critically acclaimed Bronze Duke of Edinburgh award.

I also have 2 Blue Peter badges.

© 2020 Harry Palmer

Junior Motion Designer @ Chapter 3 Graphics

Previous experience

Graphic Designer @ ERGO Creative

Freelance Graphic Designer @ West Sussex Mind, Worthing.

Graphic Design Internship @ Quercus Books, London.

Various other projects for people over the years including, but not limited to;
Motion graphics
Poster designs
Editorial and Layout designs